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    Learn About The

    Big Move

Where are you moving?

We are purchasing the old Fiji Island restaurant in South West Roanoke. The actual address is 627 Townside Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 24014. This location should bring us closer to most of our customers and get rid of the rush hour traffic of 460.

When are you moving?

We are purchasing the building in mid-June. While we hope to open in fall, it might slip to spring in 2020. We will have a more precise date around August.

Will you be closed?

We will try to be closed for no more than a day during the move.

How large is the new location?

Really large! The building is 11,500 square feet spread across two floors. The upstairs will house the kitchen and retail areas while the downstairs will be the new home of the Misadventurers Guild gaming area.

A Kitchen! Will you have food and drink?

We will have a full menu focusing on food that's easy to eat while gaming. We will also have beer and wine.

Can I help?

Probably not, due to insurance reasons. But contact the store for more information.

Will your hours change?

We plan on keeping the same hours during the initial transition period. We will evaluate and possibly change those hours if needed. The new location has a gate so that we can close the retail area and keep the gaming area open.

Any long term plans?

Yes! There are plans for new (for us) things like escape rooms, rentable event locations, and parties.

What about (blank) that was happening soon?

  • The re-launch of the membership system will now coincide with the opening of the new store. Look for more details soon!
  • The private rpg area is on hold as the new location will have much more room.
  • Terrain building for new tables is also slowed down until we can access the new location

How many more tables in the Misadventurers Guild?

We have room for a total of 16-ish miniatures tables in the new location. Board and card games will see the biggest increase with at least a dozen dining style tables, high tops, and large booths. We plan on having two fully enclosed RPG rooms at opening with plans for more later.

Any plans for more products?

Yes! Expect each retail section of the store to roughly double in size. Be on the lookout for the full Reaper Bones line on separate hooks, lots more dice, more board game expansions, and more front facing products.

Any surprises?

We might have a mug club to raise money. Ask for details at the store.

Are you keeping the Tiki theme?

The new store will be post apocalypse themed, but we are preserving all of the tiki items for the bar area and some of the private RPG/event rooms.

What kind of food are you planning?

Mid-century cocktail party food that you can eat with a toothpick. Look for small $3-$5 portions of swedish meatballs, pinwheel sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, chex mix, dips, and cookies.

What about beer?

We have 5-6 taps available for a mix of domestics and local craft beers. We will also have bottles available.