The Misadventurers Guild Celebrate the new store with the 5x5 card!

Grab one of these cards at the new store location and start playing! When you complete all 25 punches on a card, you can turn it in for $25 in store credit. We'll have a new card for 2021 so you can keep gaming every year.

There are 4 slots on your card for a game of your choice. Each time you play that game in store at Mishap Games, you get a punch. Employees can punch your card at the sales counter. Each game can have up to 5 punches. The last row of punches is for demos. You can get a demo punch by attending any demo at Mishap Games. Players can fill out one card per calendar year at most.

Extra Bonus!

If you sign up another person with a 5x5 card, you'll get a $5 bonus when you complete your card, up to an additional $25!

Were you a previous member of the Misadventurer's Guild? We are still holding your XP totals and will launch a new membership system when we expand to the second floor! Your totals will give you a head start in the new system.