Paint Contest

Paint Contest

It's time for a painting contest!  To enter, purchase a model from Mishap Games starting June 1st. Paint it, and enter in our painting contest to receive store credit and possible prizes!


  • Single Figure: Figures should be roughly the size of a 28mm human figure. Base sizes up to 50mm.
  • Unit: at least three figures. No more than ten.
  • Big Category: Any big model or piece of scatter terrain. When in doubt, get it approved first. No dioramas 

One entry per category maximum. 

Store Credit

If you fully paint (4 colors at least) your model by the dead line, you will receive 30% of the cost of the model in store credit. Combo boxes are pro-rated based on the proportion. For example, if you paint a unit out of a 4 unit starter box that cost $120, you would receive 0.25 *$120 *.3 or $10.

Judging and Submitting Your Entry

Bring your entires to the store ***BEFORE*** the deadline of Aug 31st. We will photograph your entries. After all entries are photographed, we will post them on the discord for anonymous voting for the winners in the three categories. Prizes will vary based on number of entries. As usual, we will have a number of "secret" surprise prizes.


Contact the store!


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