James D. Magic: the Gathering
League Day Hour of Devastation

Start Time 7/23/2017 2:00 PM
End Time 7/23/2017 6:00 PM
Entry Fee $12.00
Table Board Game Table (x4)
# of Players 1 - 17

League is a quick-start, casual program for players of all levels. Its flexible, on-going play makes it easy for players to jump in and start playing at their own pace.

The league lasts four weeks. Our official league days are Sunday, but you can play an opponent at any time as long as it is at Mishap Games.

You will be issued 2 packs of Hour of Devastation, 1 pack of Amonkhet, a League Match Card, and a special League Box to hold your deck. Using your packs, build a 30 card deck. Play as many opponents as you like and keep track of your results using your Match Card. Matches are only one game, and you get one free mulligan per match.

Decks (or a deck list) will be stored at the store during the league, and can be taken home at the end of the league. You may purchase a booster of Amonkhet or Hour of Devastation after three losses to add to your deck. You may also purchase a booster of Amonkhet or Hour of Devastation to add to your deck each week.

Entry fee: One time fee of $12 to start your deck (cost of three boosters).
Prizes: Based on league participation! We will have certificates.

Casual Tutorial Ongoing Materials Provided

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James D.

The Organizer