James D. Star Wars Destiny
Star Wars Destiny Store Championship

Start Time 7/8/2017 7:00 PM
End Time 7/8/2017 11:00 PM
Entry Fee $5.00
Table This event is using all of the tables in the store.
# of Players 5 - 57

The tournament everyone has been waiting for: the 2017 Store Championship for Mishap Games.

-Entry fee $5
-Super casual environment
-Easy highway access
-Ton of space, we have doubled in size since last year.

Tournament Schedule
11:00-11:30 Registration
11:35-12:10 Round 1
12:15-12:40 Round 2
12:45-1:20 Round 3
1:25-2:25 Break
2:25-3:00 Round 4
3:05-3:40 Round 5
3:45-4:20 Round 6 (if needed)
4:20-4:25 Hand out participation prizes and cut to top 8
4:30-5:05 Top 8 Round 1
5:10-5:45 Top 8 Round 2
5:50-6:25 Top 8 Final Round
Schedule will be shortened accordingly if we have less players.

PlayersWho Is Playing

James D.

Tournament Organizer

Bobby B.

Hero Cash Bar

Josh S.

E-Jar Jar / Snaggletooth

I'll have extra decks with me if anyone needs one to play.

Brian M.

Star Wars: Destiny

Arkadiy and I will be there

Jonas B.

ePicard and Kirk

Jonathan W.

Kit Fisto/Grand Admiral Thrawn

Sam J.


Will hopefully be coming back down from NY to visit

Zach M.

Literally trash

john a.


What has 2 claws and 0 cares?

Patrick K.


Becca S.

Alexander Hamilton