James D. Shadow War: Armageddon
Shadow War Campaign Week 2 (Shadow War Campaign)

Start Time 5/20/2017 2:00 PM
End Time 5/20/2017 6:00 PM
Table Miniature Table (x2)
# of Players 1 - 99

The story continues with week 2 of the Shadow War campaign!

---------------Campaign Information---------------
-$5 Entry per player (not per kill team). Pay when you play your first game of the campaign.
-Official game days are Saturday and Monday, but you can make an event on any day as usual. Make sure to tag your event with the Special Event dropdown.
-Sign up at the store. We will place you on the dry erase pyramid.
-This campaign is fast! Expect it to be over in less than a month.
-Every Saturday there will be a special narrative mission. Higher risk, but higher reward!
-Prizes based on participation
-Don't neglect the special operatives! You'll have an opportunity to field these powerful warriors in the narrative missions.

-Begin with a standard 1000 point kill team. Keep it casual!
-You can enter the campaign late with a 1000 point kill team
-At any point you can mulligan. Zero out your kill team and start with a fresh 1000 point kill team.
-You may run multiple kill teams.
-Standard campaign victory conditions as outlined in the rules
-You may not play the same player (even if one of you is using a different kill team) twice in a row.
-If there is no winner after week 4, the player with the most promethium caches will win. If there is a tie, the player with the most promethium caches and the most games won will win the campaign.

Casual Tutorial Ongoing

PlayersWho Is Playing

James D.


Sean M.

Eldar Harlequin Kill Team