James D. Shadow War: Armageddon
Shadow War Campaign Kickoff! (Shadow War Campaign)

Start Time 5/13/2017 2:00 PM
End Time 5/13/2017 6:00 PM
Table Miniature Table (x2)
# of Players 1 - 99

Let's get rolling with the official Mishap Games Shadow War campaign.

---------------Campaign Information---------------
-$5 Entry per player (not per kill team). Pay when you play your first game of the campaign.
-Official game days are Saturday and Monday, but you can make an event on any day as usual. Make sure to tag your event with the Special Event dropdown.
-Sign up at the store. We will place you on the dry erase pyramid.
-This campaign is fast! Expect it to be over in less than a month.
-Every Saturday there will be a special narrative mission. Higher risk, but higher reward!
-Prizes based on participation
-Don't neglect the special operatives! You'll have an opportunity to field these powerful warriors in the narrative missions.

-Begin with a standard 1000 point kill team. Keep it casual!
-You can enter the campaign late with a 1000 point kill team
-At any point you can mulligan. Zero out your kill team and start with a fresh 1000 point kill team.
-You may run multiple kill teams.
-Standard campaign victory conditions as outlined in the rules
-You may not play the same player (even if one of you is using a different kill team) twice in a row.
-If there is no winner after week 4, the player with the most promethium caches will win. If there is a tie, the player with the most promethium caches and the most games won will win the campaign.

Casual Painted Models Preferred Ongoing

PlayersWho Is Playing

James D.


Jeff H.

The Greater Good (Tau unless my ADD kicks in and I play something else)

Sean M.

Eldar Harlequin Kill Team

Max C.


David B.

Tyranids or Blood Angels Scouts