James D. X-Wing Thursday Night Flights

Start Time 2/15/2018 6:00 PM
End Time 2/15/2018 10:00 PM
Table Miniature Table (x2)
# of Players 2 - 8

X-Wing dogfighting with room for Destiny and Shadespire.

New Player Casual Experienced Advanced Ongoing All Ages

PlayersWho Is Playing

Michael H.

Jek Porkins and Orruks

5:45 til 9:15. I will have Destiny decks with me as well.

Fred U.

Let the “Hunt” begin

Kasey N.

Scum & Sepulchral Guard

Kevin M.

Scummy scum of some kind or another! Flying scums, Khornate scums, Boney scums... ya never know. Maybe Greenskums

The usual time. 6ish.

Zach M.

Final Flight