What role-playing games do we play?

With dozens of different role-playing games in stock, we play almost any game you can think of! We can't keep a full list online, but check out our most popular ones.

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When do you play Role-playing Games?

Curious about when we play Role-playing Games and how our calendar system works? Looking to play your favorite?

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Check out our Role-playing Games!

Check out our selection of role-playing games by visiting or calling the store today.

Dungeons & Dragons

The popular classic! Now available in 5th edition.


The popular multi genre system. From magical cats to firefighters.


The expansive game world from Paizo.

Savage Worlds

From Sci-fi to superheroes, Savage Worlds covers it all

Star Wars RPGs

Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire, and Force and Destiny. There's a Star Wars RPG for every taste.

Other RPGs

The End of the World, No Thank You Evil, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and more.


Dungeons & DragonsAdventurers League

New to role-playing games? Adventurers League is a unique drop in and drop out formula that uses Dungeons & Dragons 5th ed. rules. These events are a great way to meet other role-players and try out the hobby.

Adventurers League Events

Misadventurers GuildOn Social Media

Want to connect with other gamers? Join the online discussion with the rest of the Misadventurers Guild on Facebook. We have a special group for Role-playing gamers to talk about the latest news, get the latest product spotlights, and keep up with events. Click the button to head over to the Facebook group.

Event Report**Free RPG Day Event!!**

**Mishap Games' Annual Free RPG Day!** Thanks so much to everyone who came out to learn and support all the new and prospective players of the world of Roleplay Gaming. All of the players w...

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Product SpotlightNew Role Playing Game: The Skeletons

New Freeform RPG: The Skeletons "Years fly by like dead leaves. Everything is darkness. Everything is silence. You stand vigilant before the sarcophagus without thought or breath-such is y...

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